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white roses meaning

What do White Roses mean ?

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White Roses are certainly among the most beautiful flowers. These are perfect for expressing sincere love towards someone. But have you ever wondered the real meanings of white roses ? In this article, we are going to expose you some facts about these marvelous plants.

Why are white roses associated with beauty and love ?

white rose love

In many cultures, white roses are always associated with love and beauty. This kind of flowers blooms wonderfully and the petals are just beautiful. It is even told by stories that the gods themselves have a great admiration for these plants.

During the ancient Greek Empire, these flowers were a representation of Aphrodite, the goddess of love. This personification of love and beauty was renamed by the Romans "Venus" later. Legends say that all roses were white at the beginning, but she picked one for herself and directly touched the thorns. That incident turned some plants into red ones because of her blood. According to similar myths, pink roses are just a variant of white rose. A goddess kissed a white rose and her lips changed its color into pink.

If we refer to the Victorian era, suitors are used to sending bouquets of white roses to women they were attracted to. This was a clear sign of love and thus, it was the beginning of courtship. For many centuries, these plants held the significance of sincere love. It is not a coincidence that they are the most recognizable bridal flowers throughout the ages.

Nowadays, it is common to have white roses as magnificent wedding flowers. Blossoms like these celebrate marital bond and new romance. Indeed, they are perfect for bridal bouquet. The Queen Victoria's weeding was one of the most memorable moment because she held a bouquet of white roses back in the 1840's. These flowers were considered the most plentiful and this tradition passed down through many generations. That is the main reason why you are likely to notice brides carrying such plants when they move down the aisle.

What are the most interesting facts about white roses ?

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White roses are a symbol of peace. Anyone who beholds them will feel an incredible serenity inside. These flowers can also convey satisfaction and fullness. They express gratitude and are great to say "I am thankful to have you by my side". Because of some historical events which occurred in England during the War of Roses, these blossoms were a sign of secrecy.

Plus, they are mainly used to express different emotions and messages. Their subtle beauty makes them perfect for various occasions. For example, these plants are linked to confidential conversation. People who want to declare love can offer one to someone in order to engage a romantic relationship. Those who want to strengthen the bond they have between mates can also use them.

Some people use white roses to indicate respect and loyalty. That is why they represent the eternal bond between the bride and the groom during a ceremony. As a result, they remain quintessential flowers for marriage. White roses can mean a new beginning in some cases. If someone wants to make up with anyone else, he can ask for forgiveness by offering a white rose bouquet to the latter. That will mean that the person has regrets and is looking to be in touch with someone.

A unique white rose convey deep respect. It is also a signal of humility and an everlasting devotion between mates, couples and even family members. The intention of giving a unique rose is to acknowledge the bond between two people. In some case, that is the perfect reflection of trust and honesty.

Why white roses represent purity and love ?

meaning of white roses

In Catholic religion, white roses represent the Virgin Mary herself. The latter was even considered "The Mystical Rose of Heaven". Yes, this color reflect light, purity, joy and glory, which are all the traits of Mary's virtues. Because of this association, they were abundant in medieval gardens and often mixed with red plants to get stunning fragrant and beautiful displays. In other words, roses of this color symbolize innocence and purity.

They are often called "flower of light" and reflect a love stronger than death itself. As for today, white roses are always present in churches during services or special events. Their charm and purity make them absolutely perfect for enlightening various ceremonies. Moreover, these magnificent flowers reflect lifelong happiness.

Besides, white roses can be a representation of adoration and admiration. Some people are used to giving a bouquet of these blossoms when it comes to honor somebody. For those who ever wondered what to give to show esteem and appreciation, do not hesitate to gift a single white rose. That will definitely mean that you are showing your respect to someone.

People refer to white roses as a symbol of youthfulness and loyalty. They reflect eternal love, that's a why the bride is always seen holding a bouquet before getting married. It is a way to show her respect and love for her future husband and to prove how much she loves him.

Because of their beautiful shape, these flowers can be used for any occasion. You do not have to attend a ceremonial to get them for your loved one. Yes, these are a perfect gift to surprise your mates and make them happy. You can put them in a vase or create a beautiful composition if you want to.

What do Preserved White Roses mean ?

24k white rose

Preserved white roses are among the most beautiful plants you can find today. To obtain them, we cut flowers directly from a garden and chose the freshest ones. After that, we added a special liquid into them to make these roses last "forever".

In other words, they have deeper meaning than normal plants. One of the most amazing facts is that they never fade out. They remain as beautiful as they are for years ahead. White preserved roses are a perfect representation of eternal youth and everlasting love.

You can find remarkable fresh white roses which is coated in a lacquer on this site. That technic makes them last really long and enhance their beauty. The stems, prongs and leaves are trimmed in an amazing gold finish. They have a beautiful look and can even be put in a vase. To those who are looking for flowers to be gifted for anyone, we recommend you these products.

By offering a white forever rose to your mate, you will brighten her day. Everyone likes beautiful roses bouquets because of their unique shades and their amazing shapes. It is possible for you to use glass vases and add more elegance into your forever flower.

What is the difference between the ivory rose and the white rose ?

The ivory rose is quite similar to the white rose among all flowers. Indeed, the colors of these two types of plants can be very confusing. So, when you decide to make a move by ordering flowers online, try to identify the product whether it is white or ivory. On this site, you can get many informations of the articles so you can not be confused while purchasing.

The significance of these two similar roses is not the same. The ivory roses represent gracefulness and charm. People use these in a bouquet to manifest perfection and richness too. They do not represent romantic attention but let you know that someone cares for you. So, be carefull when you choose white roses because their look is almost the same as the ivory roses, but the meaning are not the same.

In floral arrangement, it is possible to combine them (ivory and white roses) if the purpose is not to gift the flower bouquet to someone. Yes, you can create almost any composition in floral design because the possibilities are infinite. For example, you are free to use flowers from your garden or buy roses at your local florist. Always remember that the main purpose of flower arrangements is to make them beautiful and colorful. That is why you do not have to think about the meaning of the plants in that situation.

How to use white roses ?

marriage white rose

There are many people who always wonder how to use white roses. As an answer, let us give you some examples of situations in which these are perfect for :

  • You can get white roses for someone you really appreciate. These convey hope and trust to somebody. Thus, you can gift one in order to cheer people around you ;
  • Plants like these are also suitable for birthdays. You are free to give a white rose to your favorite person during a special occasion. Do not forget that anniversaries are perfect to express your appreciation ;
  • They are a sign of respect, so you can gift these for the one who gave you birth for Mother's Day. She will be glad to get a white rose from you as an expression of love ;
  • White roses can be offered for Valentine's Day too. For example, you have the possibility to make a great composition with red roses. These two colors reflect love and sincerity ;
  • White roses can also be offered to congrats someone on a graduation ceremony. So, do not hesitate to gift a composition of this superb flower when you want to express that you support your friend
  • These plants are great in ornamental decoration as well. You can combine them with many other varieties such as sunflowers or spring flowers to get a beautiful result. In floral arts, they are one of the most important plants with carnations and chrysanthemums.

How to create a beautiful white rose bouquet ?

white rose bouquet

Making a composition of white roses can be difficult for some people. This kind of plants blooms beautifully, that is why they are often used as the centerpieces of  floral arts. As we already mentioned before, roses are mainly appreciated for wedding arrangements. So if you do not know how to create a bouquet of white roses, you can directly ask florists around you to help you out. These professionals are most likely able to give you precious advices.

For example, they can help you to choose the best fresh flowers because there can be many varieties of plants in a store. You are able to combine them with white roses to get a wonderful bouquet. Remember that white roses remain one of the most versatile plants. You can add daisies, lavenders, lilies or orchids in your composition.

You are free to add pink roses in your bouquet to create new shades. However, we recommend you to not use yellow roses in your composition for a wedding. This particular rose can signify jealousy, so avoid using it when it comes to create a bridal bouquet.

Discover all our collections of Eternal Rose

We have several preserved white roses, so you can choose which one is more suitable for your needs. Those who look for an appropriate gift for his lover can get one. For example, you can buy a unique rose for your favorite person to make her happy at any time.

When searching among all the products we have in store, you will find beautiful white roses bear. These articles are perfect to be gifted for any occasion. It is possible to give one for your girlfriend or your best friend. They have a romantic look and fitted for every opportunity.

Our white eternal roses are also great for Valentine's Day. As you already know, it remains a great gift for this special occasion. This kind of product is put into a thick glass dome with a base made with solid wood. It has a large lifespan and is estimated to last at least 3 years.

Let us inform you that all our Eternal Roses are meticulously prepared by hands in our workshop. They are made with love and care to give you the best long-lasting flower. As a result, you can be sure that are our articles are a great value because of their beautiful look and the fact that they are eternal.

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