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24k Gold Rose

Your friends and family are the only people who will be there in difficult moments, but it is also with them that you will share unforgettable memories, full of joy. So, to celebrate this love, give them the best gift: the Eternal Gold Rose.

The 24K Gold Rose: the perfect gift

The purpose of a gift is to please the person concerned, it also allows to transmit a message to this person. It can be a message of love for your family or your half on Valentine's Day. It's obvious, to make a gift a success you have to combine these two conditions: to please and to spread a strong, timeless message.

In this field, roses have long since excelled, their splendor and their perfume have succeeded in filling many women with joy. Moreover, the message they carry is particularly powerful. All the colors of roses symbolize a precise notion, it is the Language of Flowers.

The classic rose, considered as the queen of flowers, has a negative point; the limited lifespan. Only after a few days spent in a glass vase, the rose withers and eventually fades. This is why the Dipped Gold Rose have acquired an important place in our daily lives. Their immortality makes their message much stronger and timeless. Offering an Eternal Rose is therefore more valuable than offering a Bouquet of Fresh Roses.

It is very common for our customers to choose the Golden Rose as a declaration of love. It is ideal for Valentine's Day or any other romantic occasion. You can also give it as a gift on Mother's Day or for a birthday.

The 24K Gold Rose: a refined gift

The Golden Rose is one of the most worked articles of our store, the details and materials are of an exceptional quality. Its stem is made of brushed aluminum. The interest of this material is to replicate the lightness of a real rose and make it much stronger. We make a gold finish on the stem to give it its premium aspect.

The foliage is also made of brushed aluminum, it is shaped to give the illusion of real leaves covered with gold. We have applied our "gold plated" finish on these leaves. As for the petals, we work them in order to obtain a perfect natural look. The finish that has been applied is not pure Gold, the color of the petals of the Eternal Gold Rose has been obtained with a varnish. Our goal is to obtain shades similar to pink gold, yellow gold or white gold.

Among the most precious materials are diamonds, pearls, precious stones (emerald, sapphire, ruby), silver and gold. The latter is a coveted precious material for jewelry. Associated with this material, the flower also becomes precious and elegant. It is this association that gives the possibility to create a product of such quality.

The Forever Golden Rose: an eternal meaning

As you know, the rose is a symbol of love, it sends a strong message to your beloved. Knowing this, imagine what a rose at the height of its beauty, covered in the purest 24 carat gold, would look like.

The 24K Gold Rose expresses a message 100 times stronger than words. This rose allows you to share a feeling of love so strong that you must take your precautions not to offer it lightly.

Eternal Rose 24K Gold

The Eternal Rose Collection offers you a wide selection of exceptional roses covered in 24 carat gold, silver or platinum. We offer you different exceptional and surprising colors, you will find the classic colors: pink, blue, yellow and purple, but also orange, green with white, and of course the color red.

Offering only one rose is ideal for a declaration of love, especially if it is a Gold Artificial Rose. This flower is the best choice to share a message of love for eternity. There is no gift that has the same effect as a Bell Rose.

Many of the gifts we receive are quickly forgotten. An Artificial Rose is a very powerful proof of love. Whether you are looking for a unique gift for Valentine's Day, a birthday, Christmas or a surprise, your wife will undoubtedly feel fulfilled with this original gift.

Most women love to receive a bouquet of roses or fresh flowers. For a special occasion, choose a gift that will remain a proof of your love forever. The 24 karats Gold Rose is beautiful and seductive, it expresses your most sincere feelings.

Eternal Rose: a golden jewel

Like a beautiful jewel, our Roses are handcrafted by artisans, artisan florists. Combining the beauty of nature with the enduring class of gold, a jewel of the Eternal Kingdom is a perfect gift. If you wish to offer a unique gift, choose a spectacular set of jewelry and Eternal 24k Gold Rose.

Celebrate any occasion by giving a Golden Rose.

Offer the eternal gold rose as a surprise gift. It's the perfect time to say: I love you.

A Stabilized Rose is also a great idea for a birthday gift, it will become the symbol of lasting love within your couple. For a wedding the  Gold dipped Rose will make the event truly memorable.

There will always be a perfect luminous Eternal Rose.