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Preserved Rose

Giving a Preserved Rose to your favorite person can be a real proof of love. Indeed, it’s a great way to express your feelings towards someone. But what makes such a present so special? Let’s see some reasons why you should definitely get an eternal flower for your loved one.

Why is the Preserved Rose the best romantic gift?

For those who never heard about it, a Preserved Rose is a rose that can last much longer than a normal plant. That is a big game changer because if you give one of these items to your lover, it means that you are deeply connected to her. In fact, it is an original gift that you can give to someone you care about.

Giving a rose is not an old-fashioned way to manifest your interest. So if you decided to make a move and confess your feelings to someone, a Preserved Rose would be perfect to manifest your attraction. Yet, an immortal plant has much more value compared to a classic fresh flower. It will show how much love you have for someone. Chances are that your darling would feel something special by receiving a Preserved Rose on her Birthday. It will show your fidelity and loyalty. At the same time, it would mean that you would remain the same over the years.

What kind of Preserved Rose should I get?

All Preserved Rose are placed under a dome. This protects it from dust and maintain it to last for years ahead. It does not require particular cares and not even need watering. There are various models of Preserved Rose so that you can choose one for your wife or girlfriend. For example, you have the possibility to pick a red eternal rose that reflect passion and intense love, that would be so charming for Valentine’s Day.

A blue eternal rose is also a great present if you look for a unique gift. It would be perfect for a friend on her birthday. And if you ever want to surprise your mom on Mother’s Day, why don’t you give her a pink preserved rose? We even have some roses that includes LED inside. They can bring some magical effects in your place at night. It would also be great to warm up the atmosphere during a romantic diner.

How a Preserved Rose is made and how much it costs?

The process of obtaining one of these flowers is quite difficult. Florists have to choose the best plant among many in a garden before cutting them down. After that, these experts drain out all the sap and inject Glycerin and water. This solution maintains the plant for a long time. It takes time to get an immortal flower. However, an eternal rose is not as expensive as many would think.

The price of a Preserved Rose depends on many factors. You can purchase one of these items at just 40 dollar if you have a limited budget without compromising on the quality. Of course, there are some articles that cost more than a hundred dollars but it’s worth it. You can get the best by investing your money. In general, the range of prices of a Preserved Rose is between 40 and 140 dollars.

Discover all our Roses

As you may already know, we have many collections of immortal flowers. We invite you to check them out in order to find one suitable for your need.

Forever Rose : You can give a Forever Rose to your wife, girlfriend, mother or a friend to tell them how much you appreciate them. It is a beautiful way to surprise your loved ones and show that you care for them at any time.

Eternal Rose : It is just a perfect gift for a woman. So if you are in a relationship and want to strengthen the connection between your couple, do not hesitate to bring an Eternal Rose to her.

Beauty and the Beast Rose : This collection is mostly inspired from the famous animation of our childhood. The rose is placed under a dome and have an astonishing look. It will bring magic and enchanted effect in the heart of your darling.